Sally Rhodes
The Cheshire Therapist

Archways, Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire, Hypnotherapy

Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire.


If you would like to enquire or book an appointment please ring/text me on 07800 571280


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“I came to Sally for smoking cessation and was worried it wouldn’t work. I haven’t had a cigarette in 46 days and I don’t even have the craving. Sally was so understanding and gave me some really good advice that I have put into action. All I can say is onward and upwards. I’m still amazed at the results of hypnotherapy and would 100% recommend it to anybody especially with Sally”


“I approached Sally with an embarrassing anger issue. My problem was that I often over reacted to specific casual mildly insulting statements. This was starting to impact on my work and home life so needed sorting …fast. Sally was very professional and explained clinical hypnosis was nothing like the stage acts I had seen and soon put me at ease. I left the first hypnotherapy session a different person and 2 more sessions later it’s turned my life around. Sally is friendly professional and effective”


The hypnotherapy session with Sally has left me with a sense of bliss for days... Her voice is like a voice of an Angel. She guided me to the most relaxed place in my mind that was so personal to me .. Sally is an extraordinary therapist, whether you want to work on deep rooted issues or just experience a level of relaxation that impossible to describe (so good !)."