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Archways private  Medical and health clinic

"Cosmetic Treatments".

Other treatments associated with the clinic

Cosmetics Botox Romiley Stockpor Cheshire

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Dentures Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Denturism is the practise of Denturists in which artificial, natural looking  prosthodontics (Dentures) are highly crafted then constructed in a non surgical procedure directly to the patient. Denturists can also repair broken dentures, reline poorly fitted stabilize loose fitted dentures. The treatment can mean you can now eat, smile and talk with confidence.    


Podiatry Chiropody Romiley Stockport

Podiatrists and chiropodists assess the feet, diagnose, treat and prevent abnormal conditions in the lower limb from developing by therapeutic, palliative or orthotic means. There are many varying conditions affecting both adults and children, podiatrists can improve mobility, independence, and pain levels with many treatment modalities.

Accoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave therapy, Romiley, Stockpor

This is the removal of cellulite using acoustic wave therapy (AWT). It is similar to liposuction but non invasive and there is no need in anaesthetics. The technique itself was developed in Switzerland where it was trialled for 3 years before expanding its availability. The technique works by mechanically vibrating the connective tissues which causes it to stretch and become elastic. This increases vascularisation (increasing the number of capillaries) which improves vitality of skin and connective tissue.

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