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Archways private  Medical and health clinic

" Health and Well being Treatments at the clinic".

Other treatments associated with the clinic


Reflexology 2-min.jpg

This complementary therapy involves applying different degrees of pressure to the hands or feet which stimulates the nerve innovations to the corresponding systems and organs of the body. It achieves Homeostasis by re-balancing and restoring the organs and system to normal control throughout the whole body. Reduced stress levels through deep relaxation, improved circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, improve mental alertness and improve function of the immune system are also said to be other effects of this treatment



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Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment to the muscles which helps alleviate tension and stress that can build up. This treatment is not just for athletes. Deep tissue massage can squeeze blood into areas where tissues are considered to be tight and restricted. This revitalises the tissue by offering an exchange of new nutrients and oxygen with by-products that are produced from day to day activity.



Mindfulness means to pay attention to your mind (thoughts, feelings and emotions), to your body and breath (sensations) and to the external environment. This is achieved by a Non-reactive, Non-critical attitude, although in 99.9% of the time it can be very difficult to achieve due to reactively and critically judging our bodies internal and external environment     

Mindflow Yoga

Meditation Class

Mindflow yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience your innate capacity for healing and inner growth.  It is a way of learning to be centred in action so that you always have the clearest perspective on what’s happening in your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your relationships and the world around you which gives you choice of how to respond and what action needs to be taken, if any.       

Personal training

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This is a person who is professionally trained in fitness.  They are involved in giving instructions to clients about exercises which improve the physical fitness of a person. They provide feedback about the prescribed exercise, they also keep them motivated as they set newer and higher goals which is particularly useful when training for specific events. During the session a personal trainer will assess clients by testing them on various fitness test which reveal how well they are improving. They may also educate their clients on nutrition and general health.



Podiatrists and chiropodists assess the feet, diagnose, treat and prevent abnormal conditions in the lower limb from developing by therapeutic, palliative or orthotic means. There are many varying conditions affecting both adults and children, podiatrists can improve mobility, independence, and pain levels with many treatment modalities.



Improve your health by seeking professional advice from a dietitian about the type of food you eat and your nutritional intake. A dietitian is a specialist trained to give advice about what foods can be eaten with certain medical conditions. Specialist fields that dietitians can help with include sports, paediatrics, renal, oncology, food allergy and gerontoligical. Within the appointments the patients medical history,  food and exercise habits are listed, goals are produced. Follow up appointments focus on monitoring and maintenance programs.

Naturopathic Nutritional Medicine


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A Nutritionist studies food and the body, they look at what nutrients an individual needs to achieve optimum levels of physical, mental and emotional health and promote long life and the absence of ill health.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy-min.jpg

Speech therapist's work with parents, carers, teachers, occupational therapists and doctors to provide life changing treatment, support and care for adults and children with difficulties in communicating, eating, drinking and swallowing. Treatment of speech consists on helping patients to focus on understanding what words mean, how to express words and the mechanics behind how to say

words - volume, pitch, fluency and articulation. This is particular helpful in adults who have had injury to the C.N.S such as a stroke or traumatic injury. 

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