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Sports massage therapy Romiley Stockport

Archways private  Medical and health clinic

"Sports Massage Therapy"   in Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire


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Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Our Sports Masseurs 

All our professionals that offer Sports Massage are fully qualified and registered with the General Osteopathic Council or HCPC (Health and Care Professions Councils).


This enables them to fully assess, treat and rehabilitate a patient who is suffering from either an acute or chronic injury.  

The Professionals are also adequately insured to be able to carry out deep tissue or soft tissue Massage treatments.

Current Sports Masseurs at the clinic

Massage Back Pain Romiley Stockport Cheshire
our sports masseurs
Sports Injury Knee running Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Sports Massage Summary

"Sports Massage is a form of tissue treatment to the muscles which helps alleviate tension and stress that can build up. This treatment is not just for athletes. There are general two forms of treatment, Soft Tissue and Deep tissue massage, Both can squeeze blood into areas where tissues are considered to be tight and restricted. This revitalizes the tissue by offering an exchange of new nutrients and oxygen with bi-products that are produced from day to day activity".

Sports massage summary

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage therapy is a hands on form of treatment that involves different types of massage. The main essence of the treatment is to skilfully handle the patients soft tissues by applying different depths of pressure and applicators (Hands, Knuckles, Thumbs, palms of hands and even Elbows!). 

Although the term mentions sports, the treatment isn't just for Athletes, it can be used for all different situations that leaves your body physically and mentally tired and in need of revitalisation. People receive a massage for many different reasons, this may be because you are due to compete in an event and you require your soft tissues (muscles, tendons, Ligaments and Fascia) to be in best possible condition, especially as your fitness training program intensifies, your soft tissues may need a helping hand to quicken recovery, ready for the main event. You may have just competed, and your soft tissues and mental capacity feel the effects of exercise. A sports massage will help you to relax, quicken and promote the healing process by increasing circulation. People with physically and mentally demanding jobs also experience the same feelings, for example, a clerical worker or receptionist will spend many hours on the phone or in front of cpu screen, by the end of the shift their soft tissues may have become strained and fatigued particularly around the neck or back (spine), therefore, a neck or back massage will help to alleviate the pain.       


Sports Massage Therapy Back ache
what is sports massage

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

The benefits of Sports massage therapy

Sports massage on legs

It is said that there are many benefits of sports massage. Although there is contention over the actual proof of the benefits, these are some of the comments people have said they feel from having sports massage treatments. These are split into two main groups. The Physical effects on the bodies chemical and structural makeup, and the psychological effects which are how a person perceives the treatment has affected the mind. 


Physiological effects

  • Increases flexibility around the joint therefore Range of motion increases (ROM)

  • Decreases muscular tension 

  • Decreases muscular spasm 

  • increases circulation which in turn aid in the healing process and reduces the toxins that causes fatigue and soreness in the muscles

  • improves recovery time

  • Reduction in scar tissue

  • improves overall tissue condition and health which aid in injury prevention 

Psychological effects

  • Through reduced muscular tension the person may feel a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels.

  • The person may also feel a sense of becoming relaxed which may improve their focus. Something which is needed leading up to a big big event. 

  • Overall improved sense of well being and sleeping pattern

benefits of sports masage
Physiological effects of massage
Psychological effects of masage

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Sports Massage Therapy and the Athlete

Whether your a "seasoned pro" or an enthusiastic amateur athlete, sports massage can be a very handy tool to have in your armoury when your looking at consistency in your training routine to condition your body into the highest fitness you can achieve. Many athletes perceive that sports massage can encourage the healing process to help you recover quicker from training or competing, this means you may be able to train more intensely to affect your performance in a positive way.  

Pre and Post Event Massage

Leg Injury massage
sports massage and the athlete
Pre and Post event massage
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