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Alternative healthcare stretching massage manipulation

Archways private  Medical and health clinic

"Orthopaedic Treatments at the clinic".


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Osteopathy is an alternative form of healthcare that uses a systematic approach to examination and treatment to restore the body back to normal function. It takes into consideration the interrelationship between structure and function.



Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that looks at movement, there is an understanding of how the body works as a whole and how nerves, joints and soft tissues can play their part in the production of pain and movement dysfunction. A variety of techniques are used to restore mobility and function by assisting the healing process to reduce pain and stiffness post injury.

Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment to the muscles which helps alleviate tension and stress that can build up. This treatment is not just for athletes. Deep tissue massage can squeeze blood into areas where tissues are considered to be tight and restricted. This revitalises the tissue by offering an exchange of new nutrients and oxygen with by-products that are produced from day to day activity.

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