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Osteopathy Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Archways private  Medical and health clinic

in Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire


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Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Our Osteopaths

All our Osteopaths are registered. All Osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council After qualifying as an Osteopath they obtain a licence which is "renewed" every year, to obtain an Osteopathic licence they have to complete CPD every year.

This regulation means that we are held to the same standards that doctors work to with their regulation under the GMC (General medical council). Information given to us during the appointments is kept confidential.  

Current Osteopaths at the clinic

Massage Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire
Neil Ryan Registered 8337 GOSC
Knee pain Osteopah Romiley Stockport Cheshire
Our Osteopaths
Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

The Osteopathic Summary

"Osteopathy is an alternative form of healthcare that uses a systematic approach to examination and treatment to restore the body back to normal function. It takes into consideration the interrelationship between structure and function and treating the body as a whole ". 

All people calling themselves Osteopaths have to be registered by law with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC)  

Intervention from an Osteopath can help treat conditions such as arthritis, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, hip, knee and foot / ankle pain  

Osteopthic summary

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths study to graduate level to be able to offer an alternative approach to health care. It offers a drug free, non-invasive approach to treatment which includes massage, stretching and joint manipulation to the Musculo-skeletal system

  • muscles

  • joints

  • ligaments

  • Tendons

  • Connective tissue - Fascia

  • Spine

During the course of treatments Osteopaths consider your past medical history, any interactions from medication you are taking, affects of your diet on the condition, working posture and exercise technique.

Sports injuries Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire
What is Osteopathy
Neck Pain Massage Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Principles and Philosophies of Osteopathy

Osteopaths work with patients by using the following principles and philosophies


  1. The body is a unit.

  2. Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related.

  3. The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms.

  4. The body has the inherent capacity to defend and repair itself.

  5. When the normal adaptability is disrupted, or when environmental changes overcome the body’s capacity for self maintenance, disease may ensue.

  6. The movement of body fluids is essential to the maintenance of health.

  7. The nerves play a crucial part in controlling the fluids of the body.

  8. There are somatic components to disease that are not only manifestations of disease, but also are factors that contribute to maintenance of the disease state.

Principles ad Philosophies

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

The Aims of an Osteopath

The aim for Osteopaths is to find the route cause of your pain that will have caused abnormal adaptations throughout the body, The altered position of the bodies tissues then maintains the issue. Osteopaths then work with the bodies healing process to affect the bodies systems to encourage normal function taking into consideration the principles of osteopathy as discussed further up.   ​

Running injuries Osteopath treatment Romiley Stockport Cheshire
Aims of the Osteopath
Ostepath registered Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

The Osteopathic Appointment

Osteopaths undergo extensive postgraduate training to be able to question the patient about their presenting complaint. 

An in depth examination including orthopaedic, Cardio-vascular, Respiratory, Neurological and Cranial nerve test may be performed.

At this point, the presenting condition is explained to the patient and what osteopathic treatment can do to help it, along with the risks associated with treatment and reactions after treatment.    

Any serious or untreatable conditions detected at this point will be directed back to your GP or Hospital for immediate further investigation.    

Ostopathic Appt

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Osteopathy treatment 

There is a hands on approach to treatment which includes 

  • Soft tissue massage 

  • Joint articulation and stretching

  • Joint Manipulation 

Treatment will in most cases also include a programme of home care exercises which are adapted through the course of treatment.

Treatment depends upon a joint decision between the patient and the osteopath who will explain the treatment options taking into account the presenting symptoms.  

NICE (National institute of clinical excellence) guidelines recognises the positive effect of massage, manipulation and exercise to lower back pain 

Back Pain Massage Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire

This involves direct pressure by the Osteopath to the bodies muscles and other soft tissues. It is of varying pressure, rhythm and applicator (hands, knuckles, thumbs/fingers and elbows). The primary aims are to stretch the tissues, break up adhesion's on chronic tissues, promote the healing process by increasing blood flow and nutritional exchange at the site of injury

Soft Tissue Massage

Stretching Legs Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Joint Stretching

Stretching is performed to the muscle with the intention of lengthening the muscle fibres which ultimately improve the quality and pain free range of motion of the limb at the joint. When a therapist attempts to passively stretch or use techniques whereby the patient relaxes during the technique the range of motion accomplished is normally further than what is achieved by the patient. the overall effect is to increase flexibility. It is said that having a structured stretching program can reduce the risk of injury by having a good flexibility around the joints and muscles being used in work or in sporting situations  

Osteopath Back Pain Massage Romiley Stockport Cheshire
Osteopath joint manipulation Romiley Stockport Chesire

Joint Manipulation

Also known as high velocity thrusts (HVT). This is a high velocity (Quick) low amplitude (short) technique that patients associate with the "click" during Osteopathic treatment. The aim of this treatment is to restore the joint to its normal range of motion. To perform this technique an Osteopath will move a patient into a very specific position, torsioning the bodies forces into the joint needing to be manipulated, A quick and short force is then applied to adjust the joint.    

Home care exercise programs

Osteopath rehabilitation exercises stretching strengthening bad bad Romiley Sockport cheshire

Osteopaths are specialists in assessing Biomechanics.  This includes your working posture and sporting technique.

During your rehabilitation course, in most cases Osteopaths prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises to re-balance any imbalances found around your muscles and joints.   

The overall effect for stretching is improving the quality and range of motion in joints. Strengthening improves stability and reduced abnormal forces going through the tissues that lead to injury. 

The programs are tailored around you taking into consideration your hobbies and exercise routine. Please click here to go to our shop page, this will show an external link to our supplier that will enable you to order the equipment spoken about between you and the therapist.    

Osteopathic treatment
Joint Stretching osteo
ST HVT osteo
Home care exercise programs oste
Conditions Ostepaths treat

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Conditions treated by Osteopaths 

Back pain masage Osteopath Conditions Romiley Stockport Cheshire
Osteopathy and insurance

Archways Private Medical and Health Clinic 

Registered Health care Osteopath Romiley Stockport Cheshire

Osteopathy and insurance

Osteopathy is accepted by most health insurance companies including but not limited to

  • WPA

  • Simply Health 

  • Aviva

  • Vitality health

  • Axxa/PPP Healthcare 

Please click here to go to the page to read more about what to do if you have private medical insurance.

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