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Olivia Austin

Olivia Austin

Integrate Hearing


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0161 706 0067

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Integrate Hearing

Olivia Austin Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and Clinical Audiologist, with a 1st Class BSc. (Hons) in Audiology from the University of Manchester. Olivia’s runs her own practice Integrate Hearing in Cheadle, which is dedicated to helping clients hear better and consequently living a fuller life.

The clinic's microsuction ear wax removal service stands out for its use of the safest and most efficient methods, ensuring minimal wait times and offering quick, pain-free relief from the discomfort of an ear wax blockage.

Integrate Hearing offer the full range of hearing care services including:

●     Hearing Health Checks: Regular monitoring to maintain hearing health.

●     No-deposit 14-day hearing aid Trials: Opportunity to try the latest hearing aids without financial commitment.

●     Cutting-edge hearing aid technology: Rechargeable, bluetooth and invisible hearing aids for subtlety and convenience.

●     All-inclusive lifetime aftercare and full manufacturer warranty with every hearing aid purchase: Ensuring continuous support and peace of mind.

●     Efficient hearing aid repair service: Prompt and effective solutions for any issues.

●     Ear wax removal: Both microsuction and ear irrigation ear wax removal methods available.

●     Expert tinnitus assessments and rehabilitation: Specialised treatment for tinnitus.

●     Custom-made hearing protection: Custom noise protection for various environments, including the workplace, shooting ranges, and for musicians.

Olivia is experienced in offering specialist advice, alongside an empathetic and highly-reviewed patient-centered approach, to foster good hearing health and ensure clients stay connected in a hearing-focused world.

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